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About the University of Common Sense: 

      Several years ago, my then-teenaged children began using a tongue-in-cheek remark about the lack of common sense in the world around us. This was often referred to as being a graduate (or not) of the University of Common Sense.  Recognizing other alumni of the University of Common Sense became a frequent observation and pastime.  After this became a familiar exchange in our family, one of my children suggested coming up with a t-shirt for those who do go through this world with an abundance of common sense, as well as granting honorary degrees to those who utilize common sense in their daily lives.  

    Thus, the University of Common Sense was born.  

    In centuries past, 'common' sense was thought to be possessed by most anyone.  Sadly that is no longer the case.  We live in a world where thieves are able to sue their victims when they sustain physical injury while committing a crime on the victims' personal property.  Children are advanced grade after grade in school, only to graduate from high school and not be able to read.  

Common Sense seems to be in short supply in our world.   

Please read Lori Bergman's 'obituary' for Common Sense.  You'll find the link from our home page.


"You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink; you can send a man to school, but you cannot make him think."  Ben Harper


University of Common Sense

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